starting €65/month

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Possible to rent with option of buying

Minimum 12 months and maximum 48 months.

After 12 months 3 possibilities:

1.You can stop without any cost (only transport if not ground floor)
2.You can buy the rented or another piano from owner gamma, we deduct 100% of renting.
3.You can keep on renting the rented piano with a maximum delay of 48 months.
If you wish to buy the rented piano, we deduct a 100% of renting that has been paid.

Example: Price piano 3250€

65€ pro months – 48 months= 3120€ already paid. 3250 – 3120= 130€ still to be paid and the piano is your property.

Conditions of renting the piano:

Pay 6 months of renting when you reserve the piano.

Transport ground floor for free (maximum 2 steps)

1 tuning needs to be paid within 3 months after delivery.

Piano needs to be tuned each year.

3250 EURO